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New Pics - Carla and friends:

Mike Campbell (of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), Carla Olson and Vince Melouney (of the Bee Gees) - June 2014(photo by Lee Davis)

Sylvia Tyson - Carla Olson
Sylvia Tyson and Caria Olson at McCabe's - February 2014 (photo by Roman Cho)

Barry Gibb - Ana Gazzola
Barry Gibb and Ana Gazzola backstage at the Hollywood Bowl after Barry's concert - June 4, 2014 (photo by Saul Davis)

CarlaOlson - ChipTaylor
Carla Olson with legendary songwriter Chip Taylor
(Wild Thing, Angel Of The Morning... I Can't Let Go, Son Of A Rotten Gambler, The Baby - all 3 by the Hollies)
(photo by Saul Davis)

Carla Olson - Iain Matthews
Carla Olson and Iain Matthews at his in-store performance at Freakbeat Records in Sherman Oaks (photo by Saul Davis)

Carla Returns to The Federal January 17th, 2014!

Coming back to the Federal in North Hollywood on Friday January 17th at 8pm...
Carla with Gary Myrick, Rob Waller, Sarah Kramer, Rick Hemmert, Paul Marshall and a few surprises..."
See Carla's Concert page at Songkick for more information.

Backstage at The Federal, October 27, 2013

unseen? - never seen? - rarely seen? Swedish tour photo!
Pat Robinson, Rick Hemmert, Rob Waller, Carla Olson, Gary Myrick, Diana Meyer... and Tony Joe White seated at left.
October 27, 2013 The Federal, North Hollywood
(photo by Lee Davis)

unseen? - never seen? - rarely seen? Swedish tour.
Sarah Kramer, Tony Joe White, Carla Olson and Diana Meyer.
October 27, 2013 at The Federal, North Hollywood
(photo by Lee Davis)

This month's Rare Photo of the Month X 2

unseen? - never seen? - rarely seen? Swedish tour.
The Textones, Bobby Gilcken and Swedish road crew
(handsome devils huh?) in... Sweden.
(Saul Davis Archive)

unseen? - never seen? - rarely seen? Swedish tour photo!
Carla Olson with Mick Fleetwood, Willie Nile, Davy Jones and members of Martin's Heroes and Davy's band in Sweden (Saul Davis Archive)

New Album!

Carla Olson: Have Harmony, Will Travel.
Carla Olson's new duets album "Have Harmony, Will Travel"

The long awaited new Carla album will be released in the U.S., Canada and Europe in April. The album, "Have Harmony, Will Travel," consists of all cover songs and each track features a guest vocalist:

You Can Come Cryin' To Me (Radney Foster) with Juice Newton
Look What You've Done (Wes Farrell & Bob Johnston) with Rob Waller (of I See Hawks In LA)
Love's Made A Fool Of You (Buddy Holly & Bob Montgomery) with James Intveld
Keep Searchin' (Del Shannon) with Peter Case
Still Waters (Chris Jagger) with Gary Myrick
She Don't Care About Time (Gene Clark) with Richie Furay
All I Needed Was You (Little Steven) with Scott Kempner
The First In Line (Paul Kennerley) with John York (of the Byrds)
Stringin' Me On (James Intveld) with Juice Newton
Upon A Painted Ocean (PF Sloan) with John York
8:05 (Jerry Miller & Don Stevenson of Moby Grape) with Peter Case
Til The Rivers All Run Dry (Wayland Holyfield & Don Williams) with Rob Waller

With instrumental support from: Clem Burke, Cindy Cashdollar, Mike Clinco, Skip Edwards, Tom Fillman, Barry Goldberg, Rick Hemmert, Tony Marsico, Tom Jr Morgan, Richard Podolor, Marty Rifkin, Pat Robinson, Gregg Sutton.

U.S. and Canada: http://www.bustedflatrecords.com
Europe: http://www.continental.nl

Album release gig: McCabe's, Santa Monica, CA
(ticket information and directions)
Sunday April 28, 2013 8:PM
with some very special guests!

At the CD Release Gig at McCabe's Guitar Shop:

Carla Olson and Friends On Stage at McCabe's
Onstage - left to right: Mike Clinco, Gary Myrick, James Intveld,
Paul Marshall, John York, Carla Olson, Pat Robinson.
(photo by Markus Cuff)

Carla Olson and the gang backstage at McCabe's
Left to right: Scott Kempner, Rob Waller, Gary Myrick, Rick Clark,
James Intveld, Peter Lewis, Carla Olson, John York, PF Sloan,
Pat Robinson - backstage at the April 28 CD release gig at
McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, California.
(photo by Markus Cuff)

Photos: 'Have Harmony, Will Travel' Recording Sessions

Carla Olson with Peter Case
From the 'Have Harmony, Will Travel' recording sessions:
Peter Case and Carla Olson.

Carla Olson and James Intveld, Juice Newton, Tom Fillman, and Tony Marsico
From the 'Have Harmony, Will Travel' recording sessions:
L-R: James Intveld, Juice Newton, Tom Fillman,
Carla Olson and Tony Marsico.

Richie Furay and Carla Olson
Richie Furay and Carla Olson.
Richie appears on Carla's new album 'Have Harmony, Will Travel'.
This photo was taken backstage at a recent gig of his.

Marty Rifkin, Carla OIson, Skip Edwards, Saul Davis, Tom Jr Morgan
From the 'Have Harmony, Will Travel' recording sessions:
Marty Rifkin, Carla Olson, Skip Edwards, Saul Davis, Tom Jr Morgan.

Rick Hemmert, Carla Olson and John York
From the 'Have Harmony, Will Travel' recording sessions:
L-R: Rick Hemmert, Carla Olson and John York.


unseen? - never seen? - rarely seen? Roxy photo!
Mick Taylor and Carla Olson, Long Beach Blues Festival 1998 (photo by Saul Davis)

Carla Performs with Barry Goldberg at The Mint
Los Angeles, February 27, 2013

Photos by Markus Cuff

Carla with Barry Goldberg at The Mint 2013
Barry Goldberg (keyboard), Carla and Jimmy Vivino (guitar)
- at The Mint in Los Angeles, February 27, 2013.

Carla with Barry Goldberg at The Mint 2013
Barry Goldberg (keyboard), Carla, Gary Mallaber (drums)
and Jimmy Vivino (guitar)
- at The Mint in Los Angeles, February 27, 2013.

Carla with Barry Goldberg at The Mint 2013
Barry Goldberg (keyboard), Carla and Gary Mallaber (drums)
-at The Mint in Los Angeles, February 27, 2013.

Carla Has Multiple Studio Projects in Progress

Carla Olson and Paul Jones.
Carla Olson and Paul Jones at the Cat & The Fiddle
in Hollywood on February 28th. (photo by Bob Saldana)

Carla has been in the recording studio almost non-stop the past six months producing four albums by Ana Gazzola, Chubby Tavares and Paul Jones plus Carla's own long-awaited duets set.

Ana Gazzola's album is entitled "Musica e Palavras dos Bee Gees" and features eleven Bee Gees songs sung in Portuguese by the Brazilian singer. In addition to her band of fellow Brazilians (Antonio Sant'anna, Pablo Medina and Ze Bruno Eisenberg) guests include guitarists Mike Clinco, Eric Johnson, Laurence Juber and Peter Leinheiser and Joyce Rooks on cello. The translations were approved by Barry Gibb and Robin Gibb.

Antone "Chubby" Tavares of the legendary 70s soul group Tavares makes his solo debut with "Jealousy." Featured guests include Evelyn Champagne King who sings a duet with Chubby as well as Walt Fowler and Ernie Watts on horns.

Paul Jones finished basic tracks, vocals and harmonica on February 27th, using the same band he and Carla recorded his prior album, "Starting All Over Again," with a few years ago: Jake Andrews, Tony Marsico, Alvino Bennett and Mike Thompson. (look for this in eary 2015)

And Carla's "Have Harmony, Will Travel" set which consists of all cover songs will see the light of day this fall. Guest vocalists include Peter Case, Richie Furay, James Inveldt, Scott Kempner, Juice Newton, Rob Waller (of I See Hawks In LA) and John York.(an early 2013 release is likely.)


unseen? - never seen? - rarely seen? Roxy photo!
Gene Clark, Ian Wallace, Dave Mason, Carla Olson, Al Kooper, Stephen Stills and Jackson Browne backstage at the Roxy. (photo by Gary Nichamin)

Carla Performs with Donovan

Donovan and Carla Olson rehearse.
Carla rehearsing with Donovan. (photo by Lee Davis)

Carla and Donovan photographed while rehearsing March 18th, 2010 for Donovan's sold out March 19th El Rey Theatre gig in Los Angeles which benefited the David Lynch Foundation. Carla played guitar on performances of Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow and Atlantis.
See http://www.dlf.tv for more.

Carla Interview in June 2009 Performing Songwriter:

Howard Massey interviews Carla for his Producer's Corner feature in Performing Songwriter Magazine:
"There are laughs" he writes, "and then there are Texas-sized laughs. This studio whiz has one of those - a honking guffaw that makes you want to bust out in a big ol' grin yourself." Get the June issue of Performing Songwriter Magazine to read the three page interview first hand, but if you can't wait, you can read just the interview here!

Paul Jones and Carla Olson.
Paul, Eric Clapton, Carla and Mikael Rickfors. (photo by Lee Davis)

Carla Produces New Paul Jones Album

Carla has produced a new album by British Invasion legend Paul Jones - the singer of the Manfred Mann hits Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Sha La La, Pretty Flamingo, The One In The Middle, My Little Red Book, If You Gotta Go - Go Now, Oh No Not My Baby, Come Tomorrow, 5-4-3-2-1...

Paul is also the lead singer of The Blues Band and the co-lead singer of The Manfreds and has had two BBC radio programs for decades.

The album was mostly recorded in Los Angeles with Jake Andrews (guitar), Tony Marsico (bass guitar), Alvino Bennett (drums) and Mike Thompson (piano, organ) but a few overdubs were recorded at Olympic Studios in London and a photo from that session is above: Paul, Eric Clapton, Carla and Mikael Rickfors. Eric plays on 2 songs and Sweden's Mikael Rickfors sings harmony on a few tracks and also co-wrote 1 song with Paul.


B. Thompson of The Birmingham Weekly's 'Mixed Media' blog posted this review of new releases Detroit '85 - Live & Unreleased and Too Hot For Snakes (plus).

3 new CDs released April 2008:

Carla Olson & The Textones - "Detroit '85 - Live & Unreleased"
Recorded by Westwood One just after a successful European tour. The band's set includes 8 of Midnight Mission's 10 songs plus a few well chosen covers like John Fogerty's Rockin' All Over The World and Little Steven's Under The Gun plus Phil Seymour singing Dwight Twilley's Looking For The Magic and Steve Hufsteter's Back In Time.

Carla Olson & Mick Taylor - "Too Hot For Snakes (plus)" The out-of-print live at the Roxy Theatre album with a second disc of 13 studio recordings from various albumsincluding an alternate unreleased 11 minute version of the Stones song Winter. Also featured: Ian McLagan, Barry Goldberg, Mikael Rickfors, George Callins, Brian Brown, Jesse Sublett, Rick Hemmert.

Gene Clark - "Silverado '75 - Live & Unreleased" Recorded in Denver this is the 1st ever in concert Gene album! Among the 12 songs are such classics as Set You Free This Time, Spanish Guitar, Silver Raven, Kansas City Southern,Train Leaves Here This Morning which was recorded by The Eagles on their 1st album, She Darked The Sun which Linda Ronstadt covered and the never-before-released in any form Daylight Line.

Sweetheart Like You
featuring Carla on guitar
catch it on YouTube!

NEW Collectors' Choice Release by Carla Olson and Gene Clark!

Gene Clark (The Byrds) and Carla Olson (Textones) on Collectors' Choice 2 CD set: 'Gene Clark with Carla Olson: In Concert'
Read new reviews from FolkWax and at Flagpole.com in our Reviews section. Ken Barnes in his USA Today blog likes the 'Flashes of genius' in this double album and finds it '...compelling'. You can also read more about this historic double cd in Harp, Modern Guitars Magazine and Country Standard Time magazines.

Review: Percy Sledge's 'Shining Through The Rain' album at Soul Tracks.com

The long awaited re-release of the Gene Clark & Carla Olson album So Rebellious A Lover is OUT! on Fuel2000 Records (MCA Universal). It features 6 rare bonus tracks -some never before issued in the U.S.

Percy Sledge released a new album in 2004 and it featured 3 songs Carla co-wrote: Misty Morning (Mikael Rickfors, Hasse Huss & Carla), Rubies & Diamonds (George Callins & Carla) and The Road Of No Return (Mikael Rickfors & Carla). Guest vocalists and musicians on the album include: Jakob Dylan, Phil Upchurch, Ana Gazzola, and Paul Jones! If you missed it you can read about this impressive effort here and here and especially here - note: co-produced by Saul Davis and Barry Goldberg!

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