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'Gene Clark with Carla Olson: In Concert'

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Gene Clark with Carla Olson: In Concert flagpole.com's REDUX NATION review of Gene and Carla's 2 disc set 'In Concert' - read the review by Michael Andrew here (quoted from flagpole.com) or check out the original flagpole.com review page for this review and more...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007
"Gene Clark with Carla Olson: In Concert"
(Collector's Choice Records)

Though he only spent a couple of years with The Byrds, singer-songwriter Gene Clark's lonesome, steely shadow hangs long over that group's output past Clark's 1966 departure. Since his passing in 1991, much of Clark's solo recordings have gone out of print in the States, which makes the double-disc In Concert such a welcome treat for fans of Clark's whiskey-cured voice and impromptu vagabond style.

The set splits itself between a rushed 1988 Clark appearance on NPR's "Mountain Stage," which comprises most of disc one, and a 1990 live show, appearing on disc two, that paired Clark with moonlighting Textones vocalist Carla Olson. When Clark passed away, he and Olson were planning a follow-up to their 1987 pairing So Rebellious a Lover. While that go-round never happened, the pieced-together In Concert at least provides a satisfying taste of what an effective and emotionally congruent combo the two were.

Though the "Mountain Stage" appearance is a welcome add-on to the package, it's Clark and Olson's apprehensive live set that really stands out. Only having recorded together once before, the two make an electrifying team through a warts'n'all set that includes such high points as Clark's rambling "Train Leaves Here This Morning" and Olson's gorgeous ballad, "Number One Is To Survive."

Clark, never one for intense preparation, flubs a few lines here and makes a few sudden tempo changes there. But that's just part of the mischief and often-unpredictable talent that keeps the listener glued to this cloudy sky landscape of lost loves, slow-moving time and missed opportunities.

Michael Andrew
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